vineyards06Ryedale Vineyards are the largest vineyards in the north of England, and currently the most northerly commercial vineyards in the UK. More importantly, we produce a range of delicious wines which our customers enjoy. And not just our customers, as we have won awards every year since our wines were first released.

The vineyards were planted in 2006 and 2008 on two sites, both with south facing slopes. On our home site, at Farfield Farm, we have 5000 vines, in a wide range of varieties. The largest blocks of vines here are Ortega for white wine and Rondo for rosé and red wine.

At Paradise Farm, which is about 2 miles away, we have just over 5000 vines, all disease resistant varieties in keeping with our low spray approach. In all we have 10 acres of vines. We have also planted over an acre of orchards to produce fresh fruit, juice and cider.

Both vineyards are located in areas rich in wildlife. We are taking great care to respect and enhance this legacy and have worked with the RSPB and other groups to ensure that bird life is not just protected, but enhanced by our activities. Among the birds we see regularly are endangered species such as tree sparrows and barn owls, while as we work in the vineyards, hares and skylarks often keep us company.



Get involved – we have some enthusiastic volunteers who visit, either on a regular basis or who come occasionally to enjoy the experience of working in the vineyard. We have also had groups of gardeners from the many stately homes in the area who have come to get experience in pruning vines. Harvest would not be the same without the volunteer pickers who really enjoy their day in the vineyards … and the lunch in the farmhouse kitchen!

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If you would like to find out more about the vineyards why not organise a tour and wine-tasting? All you have to do is contact us


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