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CRAFTSMAN Hand Impact Driver, 3/8-Inch Set (CMMT14104) Review

Craftsman is known as the durable brand that always tries to come in the market with lots of valuable and user-friendly products to make life easier. This time we are talking about their hand impact driver that can do any kind of task from loosening the screws to tightening them. If you want to own one of these tools, then let’s go through the complete guide and decide whether it’s compatible with your job or not?

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Features of CRAFTSMAN Hand Impact Driver, 3/8-Inch Set (CMMT14104):

❖Craftsman hand impact driver, 3/8-inch set has come up with versatile features to work on various applications. It has 5 bits, and they can be changed in a few seconds without pushing and pulling scenarios. Even as a beginner, it will be easy for you to deal with this hand impact driver and changing the accessories.

❖This hand impact tool is efficient and smart enough to deal with any of the screws and bolts, no matter long or short, they can be adjusted to the point without stripping. From the material to the screw, nothing will be damaged. If you are using it for the first time, you can witness how it will assist you throughout the project.

❖CMMT14104 hand impact driver is capable of delivering 200ft-lbs of torque when you force a hammer. There is no need to put the extra effort from your side as this model is efficient enough to handle the application. This tool won’t leave any pressure on your wrist while holding it for a long time.

❖The size of the tool is about 1.85lbs, and it can be packed in your bag, while you are traveling from one location to another. The best thing about this 3/8” impact driver is that it has come up with a lifetime warranty, so there is no need to worry about the damage. ➢➢➢ Read more: Spend Less Money With List Of Product Evaluated -

❖The construction of the impact driver is quite strong and durable, you can use it on various applications and can see the difference. It is strong enough to last for a long time in your home or office for DIY or tough jobs to complete.

❖As compared to its competitors, it has the potential to remove the corroded screws quickly with the intense power. It’s inexpensive, so it’s a golden deal for a user to grab. It’s designed to change the power of the hammer into something extraordinary.

Cons of Craftsman CMMT14104 Impact Driver:

❖It doesn’t work great with a normal hammer if you want to finish the job perfectly, then use a hammer of about 5 pounds. Also, it doesn’t have a storage case, so you have to keep it in your bag or buy it separately.

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Craftsman CMMT14104 is an amazing tool for all the people out there who are fond of using something handy and efficient. The performance of this tool can make you excited and happy, you won’t regret investing in this product for a second. From commercial projects to residential, it can nail any job without asking for extra effort from a user.